Who Am I ???

Hi Gracious Gang,

Allow me to introduce myself to you ! I am Kritika Mathur, born and brought up in Delhi, India. I was a working professional in entertainment industry until very recently. I decided to quit my job to finally find peace and explore new things. I love writing and interacting with people and here I am , virtually trying to connect with you all. I love singing and have taken singing classes at T-series Stageworks Academy.

I have an artistic mindset and am Sapiosexual – love intelligent and intellectual people. Through this blog, I want to share my opinions, thoughts, lifestyle etc. with you all. I love reading, am a logophile. A typical Delhiite at heart, I encourage every possible art.

Learning is all pervasive and I hope to learn a lot of new things from this community. You can also join me on my Instagram to know more about my routine and modus vivendi. Let’s create this Gracious Gang!!

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