Top Instagram Influencers in India who inspired me to start a blog !!

I am back again with the first official topic of my blog, which is Top Instagram Influencers in India who inspired me to start an independent blog. If you haven’t already checked my brief introduction and who I am, please do so.

So without any adieu, let’s start about the topic. I have mentioned in my blog that I am a very artistic person, in a true sense that I cannot be bound by any 9-5 job, even at a handsome salary. Atleast for now, I can’t!! This is because I have flair for certain things which I may never find in any desk job. I like working on my own terms, with a mix of quirky and professional elements. Though my last job was interesting and I truly enjoyed it, still I thought that there is a lot that I can do. And a few digital personalities really inspired me. It is to be noted that these are in no particular order or priority.


I don’t know where to start with when I talk about Komal Narang. She is a wonderful human being who have rised above all the negative circumstances. Rejected and dejected everytime, she has created her own road to success. She has shared her story so many times where she talked about an abusive childhood, not being an intelligent child and people taunting her every now and then because she was considered a failure but inspite of all this, she emerged victorious and created a lifestyle vlog channel. Don’t forget to check her Youtube Channel.


A highly creative girl based in Delhi. She is an inspiration for me for quite some time now. She started with a youtube channel very early and now is a great youtuber. Her content ideas for both Instagram and Youtube are commendable and very genuine. She is an example of how persistence is the key. Honestly, I can’t stop eulogising her for the work she do, so let’s cut it short and give her channel a shot !!


Well who doesn’t know her now but back in the days, I remember watching her Mumbai-Delhi Video which was just amazing and then I started following her. Her content is always superb and now she is the biggest digital celebrity in India. From making comedy content videos to discussing various abstract topics to interviewing top bollywood personalities, she has nailed it all. And who won’t be inspired by her ??


She gives major Instagram goals, her gram is to die for. She is one of the biggest influencer of India now. She started with a lifestyle blog ‘The snob journal’ , made youtube videos and now is the brands top choice for promotional purposes. Her hardwork, creativity and persistency actually made her what she is today .


Well we both have another similarity apart from our name, that is…..we both are from Delhi!! Huh!! But this is not what inspired me. Her work, her style, her blogs, her content inspired me. At a young age she managed to buy a home (with her sister), but that’s still huge!! She is a true motivation for all the girls/women out there. Check out her Instagram for fun content.

And the list is endless. There are a lot more Influencers who have left a mark on me. I would love to share more such personalities. And why only these. I am truly inspired by women and girls who are not that famous yet but are consistent in creating content and this is what keeps the spark alive. If you are loyal to your work success will chase you.

I pray to the Almighty that everyone gets what he/she deserves. So bye until next time !! Adios Amigos, Signing off !!

Who Am I ???

Hi Gracious Gang,

Allow me to introduce myself to you ! I am Kritika Mathur, born and brought up in Delhi, India. I was a working professional in entertainment industry until very recently. I decided to quit my job to finally find peace and explore new things. I love writing and interacting with people and here I am , virtually trying to connect with you all. I love singing and have taken singing classes at T-series Stageworks Academy.

I have an artistic mindset and am Sapiosexual – love intelligent and intellectual people. Through this blog, I want to share my opinions, thoughts, lifestyle etc. with you all. I love reading, am a logophile. A typical Delhiite at heart, I encourage every possible art.

Learning is all pervasive and I hope to learn a lot of new things from this community. You can also join me on my Instagram to know more about my routine and modus vivendi. Let’s create this Gracious Gang!!


An Indian girl at heart…
Who wants to showcase her art !!!
I strike a balance between what’s modern and traditional…
And inculcate in people that even suits and shararas can be sensational !!!

Born and brought up in Delhi…
I love food going inside my belly !!!
I eat and thus on the days that ends with “Y”- I workout…
I know I have to get fit and guys, please give me a shout out !!!

I may use some baffling words, after all I am a logophile…
But trust me, I will let no stone unturned, to bring on your face, a sweet smile !!!
I will jot down my lifestlye, my values, beliefs and passion…
And write about music, beauty, health, education and fashion !!!

Now that you know a bit about me, show some support and love…
I wish you all the luck and may you see flying white dove !!!
So in this era of likes and number and social media trends…
Let’s try to build Gracious Gang and be each other’s soulful and real friends !!!